How to choose quality wicker furniture without paying high prices

Written by Wicker Paradise

Choosing a wicker sofa set can become confusing with many stores selling a number of styles in varying quality standards. If you’re looking to invest in quality materials without overpaying, here are some tips that will steer you in the right direction.

Materials – Wicker that is cheap, uses plastic materials that will tear and unravel over time. Apart from this, cheap wicker will look and feel, fake. A good quality wicker should be made out of Polyethylene. This is a synthetic material that is eco-friendly and durable.

Weave – Good quality wicker furniture, especially wicker chairs should be hand-woven professionally. This technique ensures that the weave is tight and that it doesn’t sway.

Support System – Low-cost wicker furniture will have weak frames, that bend, and warp over time. You should look for thick gauge aluminum frames that offer support while being lightweight. If you’re looking to buy a wicker sofa, look for special support systems that are built in with the frame. Most of these designs will include netted support that works like bungee cords to provide flexible support.

Price Point – If you are looking for brands that have high standards and affordable prices, look at brands like Forever Patio, Harmonia Living, and Alfresco Home. It is good to note that you cannot get good quality furniture, for rock bottom prices. If you see high-end furniture at very low prices, this is a sign that you are not buying furniture made of quality materials.


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The Portable AC Movement: How to Save Money the Right Way

Summary: Portable air conditioner units can keep you cool while saving you money.

As you already know if you’re a homeowner, the cost of running a central air conditioner unit can add up over time and cost you a significant amount of money if you’re reckless with leaving it on. Yes, these central AC units are useful, and they can keep the entire household cool, but if you’re looking for spot cooling in a specific room, why waste an enormous amount of electricity when you can opt for a cheaper option.

The Portable Solution

One option that you can purchase as a substitute is a portable room air conditioner. Again, there’s no reason to turn on the entire unit if you’re looking to cool a specific room like a home office or a bedroom. With the costs of electricity rising dramatically, it’s important that you look to save as much as you can, or you’ll end up being hit with a jaw-dropping electrical bill.

Additionally, these portable units, as their names state, can be moved around the house with relative ease – some units are rather heavy but many of them include wheels for increased mobility. Having a spot cooler in a specific room can help reduce the amount of electricity that you’re utilizing while still providing an adequate amount of cool air within a room that’s actually occupied.

The Bottom Line

Opting for a portable air conditioning unit from a company can provide you with an alternate cooling option for your home. If you’re the type of homeowner that’s looking to save money while staying cool, keep your options open and look into a portable AC unit.